What is True Love?

Just been wondering on when can couples really fall in love? It seems couples never fall in love at one time as they claim 'love at first site'. Some may not agree with me on this but if truth be said there is no such thing particularly to love that comes after 25yrs preceding lots of times lost through trials. This can be supported by the simple fact why more married man never got their wives virgins after 20s as they lose it in the name of 'love' but later marries in true love.
True love is manufactured through horrid lessons of growing up. Sacrifices, the growth in mind to accept what's in your hand as the best ever! Yet through sacrifice as well dozens of couples live an institutionalized marriage~to do what's expected, what's good for children and the environment and perhaps what God and his prophets desires, not what a personal heart feels! Its a pit as this is largely caused by the scope of egoism, greedy and pride(the worst of them all is pride). This is largely followed by gross cheating and adultery- what's the difference between cheating & adultery anyway?

I would like to take a light view on this one. Cheating! This term is more favored by our dear wives "you cheating on me! He is cheating on me" they always cry, isn't there a better way of saying 'things'. It doesn't matter the ultimate outcome is almost the same. Men prefers the term 'whore' to an unfaithful partner.
Let's say people marries in a rush or later discovers lots of dislikes in a partner which would gravely affect the sex life, what would be the best remedy? Say for instance one partner likes his beer so much so that he/she would forget the centimeter away partner to a point of irritation. If talking the person out of this habit fails what would be the best remedy? Or the wife is into partying with friends to a no return point( just examples)
Behviour change can bring ugly detrimental effects to a marriage. Yes I understand as humans we are dynamic and forever changing, we should change it towards a positive acceptable norm to suit our partners too. If couples could realise this earlier before they start lying their way to hell, I believe lots of relationships could have been saved and happiness restored.

Let's not forget that we get into relationships all blindfolded! The revelations comes later. Some even indulge in sexual activities before falling in love. Others makes it while some always sheds tears there after. Be careful of what you need in an affair. If you need love then know that love is earned just like respect! (You only earn once you worked)

I still wonder on how often we lie to our partners. Always it starts as a small getaway to silly mischief(s) till it becomes a habit (much more enjoyable) and ultimately becoming a culture then its done! Rehabilitation to this maybe lifelong. The earlier one realises that they lie 90% and say the truth 10%, the earlier they should start working on it. Married or not married lies will eventually corrode a person to hell where the architecture of lies Lucifer dwells. I lie too and I'm no angel! God help.

If out of a sudden your partner just wake up one day and starts with the make up, perfume staff or anything they would haven't been doing then be sure that you will be in for a rude awakening! How you can help it I don't know. Lies are most complemented by a rude behaviour which is triggered by the spirit of defense. We all defend our actions, bad or good, that's the pride of being your ownself! Once this defensive attitude starts ruling, the 'honest' partner would panic and triggers the apologetic attitude! Here we go, a justification of idiotic behaviour. I believe an apology is an acception of guilty therefore once u start apologizing to almost anything even if you are right then you gone too! If you didn't do any wrong rather keep quiet than abusing the divine word 'sorry' otherwise you help cleanse a lying partner's conscience! Let him/her rot with inner guilty for they will soon or later meet their match on doomsday. Unfortunately life can be such rude hence try and work hard for a true love before you trapped in a hell house.

How can we survive? Does True Love Exist?

Farai Kushata was born and raised in Mutare, Bocha some 38 years back. Works in an Engineering environment somewhere outside Zim! Raising 3 lovely kids. 

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