Marange Diamonds and The Siphoning of Wealth

To my knowledge Mutare has overnight became one of the richest City ever, Chiadzwa in particular as a spot of Mutare has became a jewel of Zimbabwe! However, our government hasn't shown any appreciation by uplifting the lives of those who have been subjected to a continued drought and rocky soils of Bocha who suddenly woke up sitting on top of DIAMONDS.

 Just after the rush discovery, for the benefit of the place, it was clear the formation of a Town was inevitable! Instead of too many soldiers and corrupt officials, a town planner should have been the first in place! Look at the roads, workers' quotas and all-evidence of exploitation. Development must spring from Bocha, into Mutare and surroundings and then Zimbabwe! It's a pity the recent Diamond auctions benefited perhaps the one who sold the stones NOT MaBocha! We should see dual Tarmac roads running through Mutsago, Mukwada into Chiadzwa, a plan for a stadium, spots centre restaurants(you know what a mining town obviously is proud of). 

Bocha deserves big royalties in form of development to start with then a dollar to any Bocha child to end with! WHO HAS BENEFFITED FROM THE POOR MAN'S STONES SO FAR? Billions of US dollar could have made a difference, even linking Chiadzwa with a single locomotive could have been an effort, all they did was to make sure No-more transport to my home place subjected to just two to three combis with no guarantee of my desired destination. I can't visit my my friend Godfrey Munjoma at Chiadzwa because the siphoning pipe runs through his yard! Stolen wealth must be ploughed back into a blessed county Bocha. 

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We grew up a laughing stock in Zim because of the harsh living condition Bocha provided, Nhamo Kuzipa can bear witness to distances we walked to Dema secondary school then Roma! He is a Civil Engineer now who can help turn around these past horrors into sweet future for our children Tendai and them! Take a closer look at Chiadzwa diamond. We should press for building of a proper mining town in Bocha, proper tenders an community involvement and lifelong benefits for the people of Bocha and around.

Farai kushata was born and raised in Mutare, Bocha some 38 years back. Works in an Engineering environment somewhere outside Zim! Raising 3 lovely kids. 

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