How to Live a Healthy Life in Mutare Zimbabwe


My first article is about healthy living because it is important at all ages.Leading a healthy lifestyle can help you live longer and reduce your risk of illness.A few small changes can make a big difference to your health.Decide to make a change today!My subsequent articles  will touch most commons ailments and chronic conditions and practical ways of reducing further harm.

Please try one step at a time if it is impractical for you to  have a go at all of them!
1.Know your healthy weight
If you are overweight,think about the size of your meals and what you eat in between meals.Being overweight is directly linked to a lower life expectancy and can lead to other health related problems such as diabetes and high blood pressure.The best way to know your ideal weight is to calculate  what is called your Body Mass Index(BMI).You can easily do this yourself at home  just  measure your weight in kgs and height in metres and BMI =weight(kg)divided by height x height in metres.If  you are not sure how to work it out consult your pharmacist or any health professional. Normal BMI  is 20-25 and overweight is >25 .This just gives you a guideline as to where you are in terms of  having a healthy weight.I will dedicate an article in future about dieting.
2.Eat a well balanced healthy diet
A diet low in fat and salt is ideal.Most of us Zimbabweans  enjoy our salt in food such as in braai meat but this is very detrimental to our healthy as it raises our blood pressure leading to further complications.Try to keep a food diary so that you know exactly what you have eaten and when.More dedicated people will keep a diary check of their calories they eat in a day because the more calories we eat the more weight we gain.

3.Be active
Be active each day for 30-60 minutes,three to five times per week.This is quite achievable for most of us since walking is also considered an activity.Majority of us Zimbabweans are quite active which is a good thing but for those leading a more sedentary lifestyle you should start thinking about maybe joining a gym,exercise class or even Zumba dancing!

4.Stop Smoking
Giving up smoking is the single most important thing you can do to improve your health.It is a well known fact smoking  causes heart problems and lung cancer and stopping smoking actually adds years to your life.I  know stopping smoking is not easy but with willpower you can succeed and also there are several stop smoking aids to support you which i will cover in my other articles.This applies really to male Zimbabweans mostly as culturally they are the majority of smokers.

5.Drink sensibly
I know Zimbabweans love their beer but know your limits.Alcohol causes so many health and socio-economic problems and should be avoided if possible.It is recommended that men should not drink more than 3-4 units of alcohol per day and women should not regularly drink more than 2-3 units of alcohol per day.1 pint of lager=3 units  and 1 large glass of wine=3 units.
Don't be afraid to ask for help and support.
Remember it's never too late to change try one step at a time.

About writer:

Went to nursery in Mutare, present busy bees. Did my early primary education at Chancellor Primary School under Mr Mutowo. Moved to Harare and finished my Primary years at Hallingbury school in Mabelreign. Did my O-Levels at St Dominic's girls College  Chishawasha and my A-Levels at Nagle House Girls School Marondera. Went on to study Bachelor of Pharmacy Hons degree at the University of Zimbabwe and after my pre-registration at Parirenyatwa and Chitungwiza Hospitals qualified as a Pharmacist in August 2002. I worked as a branch manager at QV Pharmacy Sam Levy's Borrowdale at which point I got married and moved to the UK. I have worked as a Pharmacist since then to date and now do Consultancy self employed work being hired by companies sudc as Boots The Chemists, Sainsburys to mention but a few.
My husband Munyaradzi and i are blessed with a beautiful baby girl called Sophia Vimbainshe.

Mrs F Mupure MRPharmS, BPharm(Hons) UZ
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