Finally Free

The engine cuts off, heavy footsteps
The baby starts crying, he wont quiet down
Loud singing heard, he is drunk again
The two little ones huddle closer together
They know they are their only protection
In the darkness the door crashes open
They can but hear all the sounds
Posts opened and banged shut
A ceramic plate crashes to the floor
The baby starts to cry again
She closes her eyes and waits for it
The baby cries again, louder this time
Visions of a black eye flash through her mind
The twins are now fretting and restless
Broken ribs, stitches on her forehead
All vivid memoirs from a time past
Not so long ago
The heavy steps draw nearer
Now the baby is screaming
The bathroom door opens
Heavy breathing
The baby screams and kicks
She holds him closer, wishing he would just quiet down
Its as if he is predicting the very worst
The twins scramble behind their mother
The heavy steps get closer
The smell of fear fills the air
He strides in, grabs her by the hair
Chokes her with the other hand
Chaos reigns
She’s losing her breath
She gags and scratches and tries to release herself
A long time she struggles
He just tightens his grip
Until she just stops struggling
She is finally free
He lets her limp body fall down to the ground
And walks away!

I am an administrator by profession.  I have a first Degree in Political Science, and I started the first year of my Masters  in International Relations but i am yet to finish it. I am a sports woman, and have participated in Rugby and Basketball on a National level. I did my primary school in Mutare, Chancellor Junior and high School in Domboshava, at a Catholic mission. I have been to most countries in Southern Africa. I am passionate about women issues.

I would like to know your views and please do not hesitate to comment below your thoughts, suggestions and views.

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