And the scandal goes on and on

So I was sitting in my office waiting for my boss to come and guess what I was seeing, some people talking on FB about the case of the Prime Minister’s marriage. Truth be, told I was very upset by the turn of events when this story started unfolding. I could not believe the level of ignorance nor should I say the total lack of eloquence in political culture that the PM showed in this whole saga.  What man makes a woman pregnant, decides to do things traditionally, in the wrong traditional month, and then lets a media circus rage, before he finally decides to give a media statement stating that  - I quote,  “The “marriage” has been hijacked and there is an apparent active political hand that is now driving the processes. State security agents have also weighed in to force and direct proceedings which has resulted in everything regarding this relationship now taking place in camera, with the public media journalists in tow”. Surely how indecisive can a man become? Needless to say this is the same nonsense a whole lot of women in this country and the world over go through. One minute a man is telling you that they are with you, the next minute, because his mother told him or his friends said this, you are no longer relevant.

I would like in this case , to take a look at the Prime Minister’s supposed marriage saga and try and get into the lives of the ordinary Zimbabwean women, or even the women from the world over, who have suffered the same kind of abuse. Ladies and gentleman, emotional abuse is real! There is nothing worse than suffering the psychological trauma of losing a loved one just before you look to spending the rest of your life with them, just like the trauma many have suffered in miscarriages, losing a child or through an abortion! It’s just really sad that Ms Locadia here has to go through this nonsense at the hands of our very own PM, I mean what example are we setting here for the young people? Are we saying it’s okay to make a woman pregnant and not do right by her just because you have been unable to make a decision whether you want to pursue the relationship or not? Is the PM saying that it is very okay for men all over the place, especially if they are in a position of power, to change women like their underwear, and while at it, marry for a few days and refuse responsibility and blame it on someone else, in this case the state media?

I am appalled at this level of thinking and especially reminded of my own circumstances when a man I truly loved blamed me for breaking our relationship up, needless to say he is the one who had moved on and started dating another woman. Do our words as humans matter anymore? Do we not care about the feelings of others and the images of the people we love? Whatever happened to our moral fabric that even the PM does something as stupid as marrying a woman, then changes his mind eventually blaming it all on the state security? I bet the state security was there holding the candle when he was busy fufting the woman, hell they probably even suggested that he start dating this particular woman!

 We should start taking responsibility for our own actions, and stop crying the victim every time.  This seems very typical of the men in this generation, they sleep around and they are not willing to be responsible for the consequences, in fact they end up dubbing women prostitutes, or blaming it on circumstances, alcohol or some other vice! As far as I am concerned, if you are a political figure, you need to understand that your life ceases to be your own. After all is said and done, we will look at the small things, the good the bad, and the ugly( Like this marriage scandal) and decide whether one is fit for political office and frankly speaking my doubts about the capability of this man have been confirmed. I am sorry to say that all those who support the Prime Minister’s actions must really have no respect for women, because I believe his actions show he never cared for Locadia to begin with. If he remotely cared what would happen to her, he would have let her down quietly. I am not in support of the fact that he could not even decide what he really wanted to do.According to his own statement; no one coerced him to go and pay damages or whatever he paid for, for a woman who is pregnant with his babies.  This sentiment then just disappears because of interference from the state, media and her family?  Surely if the man had any “balls” (excuse my French), then he would have been able to deal with this and make a decision based on what he thought was right and not because he felt under pressure to do what others thought was right. Despite his promise to run with the vision for change, I, like many people, doubt his capability as a leader for a country like ours that has diverse cultures. How about annoying the women of this country Mr Prime Minister with your actions? Yet we actually constitute more than 52% of the country’s population.
Anyway, I have said my bit, and it goes without saying that what goes around comes around, do not be deceived, Karma is when God deals with those people who have wronged you and you are very lucky He lets you watch! A good politician in the eyes of a layman like me is decisive, does not let the influence of those around him deter him from his planned course of action and above all he thinks of the needs of others, the Prime Minister and my ex boyfriend might have come from the same mother. Shame on you guys!

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