Many times we have a host of things that we want to tell that one guy who you really like spending time with and being with, yet we barely know what to do. More often than not we end up saying all the wrong things and scaring the poor guy away. I understand men like to know how you feel, but not in all entirety, until such a time when they are ready for it! Someone even went on to say that for most men, anything that spells commitment from your mouth can easily be a turn off. I am no guru when it comes to relationships but here is just a little something i think you can do. So, I am calling this my “Like Letter” as opposed to the popular Love Letter. Read on and tell me if I’m going crazy!

Dear Garry
I pride myself in being able to communicate my feelings and in expressing my thoughts. I realise now that i am not very successful, when it comes to you. I like the thought of being in a relationship, but it’s a prospect that scares me a lot. I have therefore decided to just let you know what i think about you. This is not a love letter, just a note to say i appreciate you are a part of my life.
“I like you”. I like you for who you are. You are not pretentious, you are honest and hardworking. Sometimes your nearness takes my breath away; and all the things I want to say can find no voice. Then, in silence, I can only hope my eyes will speak my heart. For when words fail me, I start to rumble incoherently. I just lose sight of what I want to say. I like how you are spontaneous and how you make everything easy. You make me want to tell you everything about me, but I will not- not just yet anyway, lest I overwhelm you. I like strawberries and blackberries. I like your smile, I like that you laugh with me, that we laugh at my jokes that are not always funny. I like that you make me feel great about myself. I like the way you tell me I am beautiful, the way you appreciate me, and the appreciative glances you throw my way. If I could reach for a star for every time you made me smile, I would have the whole sky in the palm of my hand.

“I trust you”. I trust that whatever decisions you make concerning me are the best. You respect me; you make me feel that you have a reverent regard of me. You care enough to say things that i want to hear, as long they are not lies. We connect in many ways than one. You listen to me, and make me hang on to every word you say. I trust that you care for me, that you teach me what i do not know about myself, I trust you" I am so lucky I met you" You are warm hearted, there is no one like you at all. You give me a better outlook on life, you challenge me and you make me rethink my priorities. I now better appreciate the word family and there is so much more i can do with myself. Sometimes, you do not even have to say anything. Thank you for being a part of my life.


I am an administrator by profession.  I have a first Degree in Political Science, and I started the first year of my Masters  in International Relations but i am yet to finish it. I am a sports woman, and have participated in Rugby and Basketball at National level. I did my primary school in Mutare, Chancellor Junior and high School in Domboshava, at a Catholic mission.  I am passionate about women issues.

I would like to know your views and please do not hesitate to comment below your thoughts, suggestions and views.

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