Mutare Gives Birth to New Gospel Musician

WHILE Mutare is famous for its vast diamond deposits, the town has, however, given birth to a rare gem in the form of new gospel musician, Blessing Shumba.

His music has become popular in public transport, entertainment joints and other spots.
Although to many people his name might not immediately ring a bell, to those who follow gospel music closely, Shumba has been causing a stir since late last year with his debut album "Ishe Wazvose" whose songs are didactic, highly inspiring and melodious.
It is through the unique and original way that he articulates issues in his songs that has endeared Shumba to legions of gospel music lovers.
In fact, some people have described Shumba as probably one of the latest finest gospel musicians finds to emerge from Zimbabwe in recent years.
Who does not know the lyrics off his song "Vachaiteko?" that go thus:
"Varombo vachaiteiko?/Vanoshaya vachawanepiko?/ Nherera Dzichaiteiko?/ Isu tinobvuma iboka renyu Mwari"?
It is through the way that Shumba tackles topical
issues affecting people in general ranging from the poor, and the less privileged in society, that makes his music spot-on.
Shumba also strengthens people in times of the challenges they face in life, while at the same time paying homage to the 'martyrs' of Christianity who died for a worthy cause and maintaining their faith in God.
This comes out clearly in the song "Kurwa Kwakanaka" some of whose lyrics are:
"Makarwa kurwa kwakanaka/ Murwi anoshamisa kubata basa Rashe/ Makachengeta kutenda/ Makabata nenyasha zhinji."
It is these and other songs like "Ndangariro" and "Handina Mhaka" that made the seven-track album, released in 2009, a hit.
Barely a year after releasing his debut album, Shumba has since released his second album, "NdiMwari", released a month ago by Metro Studios, who also recorded his first.
Tracks to look forward to on the new album include "Hama", "Zita", "Mufaro", "Mabasa", "Ndouya Neyi?", "Nhaka" and "Titeme Timene".

Like on his first album, it has also become diffi
cult for listeners to pinpoint a single song as a hit since the whole album is a good musical project.
The new album is accompanied by a DVD package that brings music lovers up-close with the musician and his backing group.
Born on 2 March 1979 in Buhera, Shumba started singing in the church choir but only decided to record professionally in 2002.
Asked why he managed to come up with a unique style different from the conventional gospel that people had become accustomed to, Shumba said: "It is probably because I have never worked with any other musical group before I decided to go professional."

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