MDC Morgan Tsvangirai's Secret Letter To President Barak Obama (wikileaks)

Obama Meets With Zimbabwean PM Tsvangirai At White House

E.O. 12958:  N/A 
1.  The following is the text of a message as received from Prime 
Minister Morgan Tsvangirai of Zimbabwe to President Barack Obama of 
the United States of America. 
The Prime Minister 
21 December 2009 
His Excellency 
Barrack Obama 
President of the United States of America 
Your Excellency, 
As we approach the end of 2009, a period that has turned out to be a 
watershed for Zimbabwe, I write to convey my appreciation for the 
support we have received from you personally, the government and 
people of your great nation. Kindly pass on my warm thanks also to 
Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. 
I was very pleased, Mr. President, to note the support offered by 
your country and the various international Non Governmental 
Organisations (NGOs) that expanded beyond the life saving 
interventions which were so important. This assistance has brought 
direct benefits to millions of our people and has demonstrated to 
the hard pressed population that the reformists in government are 
capable of delivering results. 
Your support for my office has also been invaluable and I look 
forward to this continuing. 
As you are no doubt aware, Your Excellency, we are at a crucial 
stage in our efforts to ensure the full implementation of the GPA. 
Meanwhile, our political situation remains characterised by 
intransigence to frustrate the process of bringing about real 
The role played by SADC, in general, and the mediator President 
Jacob Zuma, in particular, is greatly appreciated. I know that you 
have personally played a crucial role in helping this to happen, and 
I encourage you to continue your crucial dialogue with President 
We have had discussions with Ambassador Charles Ray on restrictive 
measures. I well understand that movement on the part of the 
International Community will need to be in response to tangible 
progress on GPA implementation. We should, however, ensure that 
movement when it comes is seen to be acknowledged in a tangible way 
- striking a careful balance between retaining leverage and 
rewarding progress. This will involve difficult judgements but it 
will be important to sustain momentum when it comes. 
In light of the current negotiations of the three political parties 
I have now taken personal interest in the normalisation of relations 
between my government and your government and my office will be 
following up on this very critical issue in the coming year. 
We have, with your help, made real progress in 2009. Zimbabwe has 
been brought back from the brink. The economy has been stabilised. 
Essential health, education and other services have been restored. A 
long and difficult road clearly lies ahead but with the continued 
support of key partners like the US, and also the active engagement 
of SADC and South Africa, I have every hope of building on this 
May I wish you and your family a merry Christmas and a joyous New 
Year. Please accept, Mr. President, assurances of my esteem 
Looking forward to continue working with you, 
Morgan Tsvangirai 
3.  (U) The letter was received by hand delivery via U.S. Defense 
Attache LtCol. Patrick Anderson at the U.S. Embassy Harare on 
Tuesday, December 29, 2009.  Original will be forwarded to AF/S Desk 
Officer Brian Walch via diplomatic pouch, registration number 

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