Dictators fall hard!

I thank God for the leaders who bring stability and tranquility to nations! All leaders are God chosen.I believe we all know this since the days of Nebbucadnezaar, king Solomon, King David, The Pharaohs... an endless list so to say!
In modern days God continued with the creation of leaders. However, some of these leaders became so oppressive, ruthless and dangerous to their own people-evolving into THE DICTATORS. 

In any democratic society I don't believe without the evil spirits of vote rigging, intimidation and harassing of voters, a leader can survive more than two election periods through the ballot! The ultimate power comes from God. I'm so happy that those who abuse power and the virtue of trust that people put on leaders always end in disgrace!
Who would have known that Saddam Hussein would be plucked out of a bunker like a flea! Who would have thought of the mighty Mubarrak and his Tunisian counterpart would ever seek for mercy from the masses they suppressed. Who would have thought Hitler would die in secrecy, who would have thought Chiluba would be be dragged to court. Who would thought Ian Smith would not go to Heroes Acre, who would have thought the clever Rex Nhongo would one day forget the candle on by his bedside! Give me a break Gaddaffi!

Today I've got some reservation in going down with Bible verses but who has ears must hear and who has eyes should see that Colonel Gaddaffi is a gone camel rider! This article is directly going to Lybia as I celebrate with the Rebels! They called Cde Mugabe a rebel, they called Mr Mandela a rebel, they called Jomo kenyatta a rebel ~ therefore rebels are FREEDOM FIGHTERS... the terrorists. When my daughter Fadzai is grown up I will have taught her what a real Rebel is.

How could Gaddaffi be a life leader, who ordained him to do so? Is he a Pope, even the might Pharaohs are since long gone, gone of course with all the pride. Beware the Syrian dictator “ Ushe madzoro” the Shonas might abuse this saying but they at least know what this means.

Castro you are one of them, you may get away with it for now because hell also needs fresh meat like you,tell Raul to call for elections! The more the oppressors live, the harder they will knock down! To all the oppressors and dictators your days are numbered ~ keep killing opposition member so that their blood and souls will fast track your demise.
So Gaddaffi the whole lot of spilt blood in your denial for change will choke you till your eyes are red and out of their sockets! 

Goodbye Gaddi you will discover more oil in hell. Before you depart look back and advise would be the Gaddaffis of tomorrow to think twice about permanent power! You know them here in Africa and abroad! Take along with your female bodyguards Mr Immortal.
Change is an inevitable course it makes no use to deny it. Hence Leaders must know when to quit, when to change polices, when to love their subjects and subordinates and ultimately know how to concede defeat unlike that chap from West Africa who is under house arrest (ask Quattara)! If a leader is from God who is commissioned by the Pope should know when its wise to say enough! like Mr Mandela did! Hypocrites says in God they swear under oath that they will save the Nation by lip while their inner core would be saying I will kill them one by one so they can rule for ever!

Will Jesus help our leaders so they will all go to Heroes Acre! At least us from Mutare we don't do that! So the next generation leader for Zimbabwe will come from Mutare!

Farai kushata was born and raised in Mutare, Bocha. Works in an Engineering environment somewhere outside Zim! Raising 3 lovely kids. 

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